September 20, 2014

UX Week!

I just got back from UX Week in San Francisco and overall it was an excellent conference. With two full days of keynotes/presentations and two full days of workshops, I gained so much new knowledge my brain felt like it was going to explode! It was really exciting to meet different people from all over the world with a similar design background.

I loved that all the presenters were able to show how they worked to create a great user experience no matter the subject of their study. I was expecting mostly speakers with a design background. But what I came away with is that so many different people now have to be concerned with user experience. Among the presenters was an architect, a professor in the healthcare field, and a director at the SETI Institute and they were all able to effectively portray how they deal with the challenge of user experience in their every day lives. It was great to once again be reminded, as a designer, how many lives we can affect in a positive way.

The two days of workshops, which we were able to choose beforehand, were equally as informative. All the workshops I selected, which included Designing for Touch, Rapid Iteration on Mobile, and Mapping Design Decisions to Evidence, drove home the knowledge I already had and taught me new ways to think about user experience in an ever-changing world. It was helpful to talk to others about what I was currently working on and get their feedback and also learn what they were working on and how they were approaching it.

UX Week was better than expected and I was so glad to be able to meet so many great people.  I look forward to putting all the new knowledge I gained to work. Definitely a great conference to attend!

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