December 11, 2016

Review of Wearable Technology



Recently, I authored a research review paper for my course HCI 450 Foundations of HCI on a subject within the field of human-computer interaction. The focus of my paper was on Wearable Technology: Factors of Wearability. Please enjoy the above video, which is an approximately 5 minute review of the full research paper, while I cringe that my voice will be broadcast in other people’s speakers. 🙂

The field of wearable technology has seen significant growth in the past few years, but according to researchers, this growth is not as considerable as it should be at this point and has even started to stagnate. Many have tried to address the reasons for the low user acceptance and negative perception of wearable devices, and have proposed that the answers could be found in studying the user experience and wearability of these products.

For this review, I analyzed the qualities that contribute to the user-perceived level of wearability of a device. I then organized these qualities into five factors—attractiveness, comfort, ease of use, functionality, and price and discussed each.

To read the full research paper, please click the button below.

Full Paper

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