September 17, 2016

UX Process of iFishIllinois Mobile App

I have recently added a new project to my portfolio page from my last course, HCI 440 Intro to User-Centered Design at DePaul University. Click here to check out the entire process of the project completed by my teammates and myself for the iFishIllinois mobile app. Even though the team I worked with was located in different regions throughout the country, we were easily able to collaborate using a variety of applications. It was a great experience for me to work on a project remotely like this also.

I gained a lot of knowledge from this course that I haven’t yet learned from my work experience, and what I did have previous knowledge of, I was able to incorporate into this project as we went along. Completing each phase, from initial user interviews to building the interactive prototype and analyzing the results, was very insightful for me.

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